Department of Materials Engineering

Department of Materials Engineering is a new department of KTU, created after reorganization, merging Departments of Textile Technologies, Clothing and Polymer Products, and Wood Technologies.

Department curates the following study programmes:

First tier university study programmes (Bachelor degree)

Second tier university study programmes (Master degree)

Third tier university study programmes (Doctoral degree)

Subjects of research of Department of Materials Engineering are associated with priority scientific fields approved at KTU:

  •  “New high tech materials”: functional textile for medicine and human safety; development of heterogeneous structures of materials and virtual simulation of their operational process; development and assessment of multifunctional polymer materials; textile for health and welfare of people; development of technologies for 3D prototype polymer casings for cultivation of stem cells; development of composite materials using implantable smart structures for expansion of material’s functional characteristics; research of links between hierarchical characteristics of wood structure, simulation of mechanical characteristics of composites, simulation of primary processing and characteristics of composites.
  •  “Technologies for Sustainable Development and Energy”: development and research of protective silicone and polymer coating, protecting from harmful environmental effects; innovative thermally and chemically modified wood coatings; development and assessment of nanofiber structures; mechanical behaviour of eco-energy efficient wood products.
  • “Sustainable growth and sustainable sociocultural development”: preservation of Lithuanian ethnographic textile heritage; creative designing of elements for industrial design, interior and exterior; fashion design; project development and entrepreneurship.

Research fields

  • Development and assessment of clothing products and systems of their materials
  • Research of characteristics, structures and production technologies of textile materials
  • Development of nanofiber and research of their characteristics
  • Dynamic research of wood structure and parameters of production process
  • Modification of wood and engineering wood products
  • Development and assessment of heterogeneous polymer materials and their systems
  1. Lithuanian Apparel and Textile Industry Association (LATIA)
  2. AB „Audimas“
  3. AS „Granberg“
  4. AB „Kauno Baltija“
  5. AB „Utenos trikotažas“
  6. UAB „Nortijos grupė“
  7. UAB „Vegateksa“
  8. TŪB „Klasikinė tekstilė“
  9. UAB „Omniteksas“
  10. UAB „Garlita”
  11. UAB „Liningas“
  12. UAB „Skinija“
  13. AB „Gija“
  14. AB „Pakaita“
  15. AB „Liteksas“

Department also collaborates with:

  1. UAB „Litspin“
  2. UAB „Lietlinen“,
  3. UAB „Lietvilna“,
  4. UAB „Danspin“
  5. AB „Vernitas“
  6. UAB „Devold“
  7. UAB „Ortho Baltix“
  8. UAB „Ortopedijos Technika“
  9. KB Components
  10. UAB “Lazertechas”
  11. UAB „Awaled“
  12. GTV, mokslinių paslaugų firma
  13. Asociacija „Lietuvos mediena“
  14. UAB „Visagino linija“
  15. AB „Klaipėdos baldai“,
  16. AB „Šilutės baldai“,
  17. AB „Kauno baldai“,
  18. UAB „Germanika
  19. UAB „Jundos stalių gaminiai“,
  20. UAB „Stora Enso Timber“
  21. UAB „Doleta“
  22. AB „Jūrės medis“
  23. UAB „Kirvilė“
  24. UAB „Baltwood“
  25. UAB „Ikea Industry Lietuva“
  26. UAB „Nilma“
  27. UAB „Boen Lietuva“
  28. UAB „Baldai jums“
  29. AB „Freda“
  30. UAB „Narbutas“
  31. AB „Klaipėdos mediena“


Lina Zubrickaitė

Studentų st. 56 – 326, Kaunas
phone +370 685 96237


Department's personnel

Assoc. prof. dr. Vaida Jonaitienė

Head of Department's

Studentų st. 56-246, Kaunas
phone: +370 (37) 300 217


Name/Surname Position Address Phone No. E-mail
Prof. dr. Virginija Daukantienė Professor Studentų st. 56 – 250
+370 626 32 316
Prof. dr. Donatas Petrulis Professor Studentų st. 56 – 232
Prof. dr. Sigitas Stanys Professor Studentų st. 56 – 245
+370 37 300 004

Associate professors

Name/Surname Position Address Phone No. E-mail
Assoc. prof. dr. Darius Albrektas Associate professors Studentų st. 56 – 242
Assoc. prof. dr. Ada Gulbinienė Associate professors Studentų st. 56 – 232
Assoc. prof. dr. Vaida Jonaitienė Associate professors Studentų st. 56 – 246 +370 37 300 217
Assoc. prof. dr. Inga Juodeikienė Associate professors Studentų st. 56 – 242


Name/Surname Position Address Phone No. E-mail
Lect. dr. Erika Adomavičiūtė Lecturer Studentų st. 56 – 245
+370 37 300 047
Lect. Eglė Ina Mackevičienė Lecturer Studentų st. 56 – 248
Lect. dr. Žaneta Rukuižienė Lecturer Studentų st. 56 – 243


Name/Surname Position Address E-mail
Daiva Milašienė
Studentų st. 56-243


Name/Surname Position Address E-mail
Ginta Laureckienė
Academic assistant
Studentų st. 56-249
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