Technological Systems Diagnostics Institute

Development of methods of heterogeneous systems dynamics simulation and identification;

In-service engineering systems technical condition observation and expertise results

Research objects – potentially hazardous mechanical systems, safe operation and diagnostics

In 2004, the scope of accreditation of the Laboratory of Machinery Vibration and Acoustic Noise Level Testing was extended, including the international standard ISO 10816-3: 1998

The scientists of the Institute and its research team participate in the research in the following areas:

  • Increasing the reliability of mechanical systems by vibroacoustic methods;
  • Modelling of dynamic of non-homogeneous systems, condition identification and diagnostics;
  • The development of vibration monitoring systems and their elements, metrological validation and implementation in the Lithuanian industry;
  • Measuring and evaluating vibration of mechanical systems and reducing of vibrational activity;
  • Analysis of the operation state and diagnostics of technological systems of industrial objects as well as analysis of normative legal acts;

Risk assessment of gasoline transportation to Lithuanian roads, application of information technologies to reduce the risk, human and environmental impact optimization, etc. research

Accredited Laboratory of Machinery Vibration and Acoustic Noise Level Testing

The Institute has the equipment for vibration testing:200 m3 acoustic semi-anechoic chamber with almost free-field; 32 m2 special room for machinery vibration testing; multichannel measurement and registration equipment of vibration generation firm “Bruel&Kjear”.

Portable gauges of vibration excitation, analysis and data storage equipment: VIBRATION EXCITER 4817, POWER AMPLIFIER 2708, VIBRATION EXCITER CONTROL 1050, PULSE 360, INVESTIGATOR 2260, VIBROTEST 60. Self-made vibration measurement-analyzer (VIMAK), low frequency vibration exciter. Condition monitoring equipment TESTO 445. Local computer network (LAN) and internet connection with vibration monitoring systems in Mažeikiai and Kaunas.

Licensed 7700A, 7700A MS1, BZ5305, BZ7752, BZ7205, BZ7026, BZ7208, self-made package of programs TURBINA designed for vibration analysis of turbo and hydro aggregates.


Intitute's personnel

Assoc. prof. dr. Robertas Mikalauskas

Director of Institute

Studentų st. 56, Kaunas
phone: +370 (37) 300 430

Institute’s personnel

Name/Surname Position Address Phone No. E-mail
dr. Robertas Mikalauskas Head of Institute Studentų g. 56–337 +370 37 300 430
Ernestas Uldinskas Head of Laboratory Studentų g. 56 +370 37 300 430
Edmundas Saulius Slavickas Senior Engineer Studentų g. 56 +370 37 300 430
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