Design Centre

The main objective of KTU Design Centre – to develop and promote design as a universal discipline, to reveal its versatility, integrate in study programmes of KTU specialities and interdisciplinary practical project activities. Modern design is invoked in various areas of life, it can expeditiously offer most efficient solutions by including and assessing various economic, social, technological and psychological aspects.

Mission – realization of creativity-based international activities and projects; development of close cooperation between science/art and business; being an active participant of processes of Lithuanian design and Creative Cultural Industries (KKI); performance of activities based on synergy of creative potential, technologies and entrepreneurship; training of professional specialists of design and interdisciplinary competences, capable to create unique products of high added value.

Vision – catalyser in the areas of design, and creative and cultural industries in Kaunas city.

Values: creativity, harmony of design and technologies, sustainability.

DesignLibrary Network

DesignLibrary, the first library completely dedicated to design was established in Milan in April 2006 in occasion of the Milan Design Week, in collaboration with Electrolux and patronage of ADI (Industrial Design Association).

Designed by James Irvine and Maddalena Casadei, the DesignLibrary ‘s archive holds the largest catalogue of design related books in Italy exceeding 20,000 volumes from books to magazines, featuring numerous first editions thanks to the contributions made by editors of the most prominent international and Italian design publications, studios collections and private donors.

The Italian format of DesignLibrary Milano is considered the model as the basis of the other DesignLibrary branches. In  order to promote the culture of design, now in its nineth year of operation, weekly events  with over 240 conferences previously execudeted called “Design Thursdays”( i Giovedì del Design) are organized. Design Thursdays – the events organized by DesignLibrary where creative, scientific and other interesting personalities and inovators are sharing the most actual information.

With the aim to create a global network and cross-cultural communication other 2 branches were opened in Shanghai (2007) and Istanbul (2009). The fourth branch of this network DesignLibrary Kaunas will be open in 2016 in Lithuania.


Santaka Valley, KTU Science, Technology and Business Centre, 2nd floor open space, K. Barsausko str. 59, Kaunas, Lithuania.

Aim of the project 

diffuse & share design culture, raise awareness about design, promote the collaboration between studies, arts/science and business through design. Promote Lithuanian deisgn locally and internationally.


an innovative design-environment for students, universities, companies, designers and creative entrepreneurs inviting to collect and share design-based knowledge. A strategic platform, in the current social-economic context, that will be a tangible result in innovation field and integration between EU’s countries of North-East European area.

DesignLibrary Kaunas is:

• a design documentation, consultation and cultural promotion centre;

• a global design network;

• a meeting place for those who gravitate around design world: companies, designers, students, professionals and design lovers.


Italian design companies as Kartell, Luceplan and Reggiani are the general technical partners having sponsored the setup of DesignLibrary in Milan. Italian companies together with local Lithuanian’s one will partecipate to set up DesignLibrary Kaunas branch, where the same interior design concept will be replicated.


The access to the iconographic collections and the cultural activities organized in all the branches around the world are free to DesignLibrary’s members. After paying an annual registration fee, members receive an identification card that allows them the access to all services offered by the different libraries around the world. There are two types of memberships:

Private membership – dedicated to individuals;

Corporate membership – dedicated to companies.


What do associate private members get from the network?

•  use historical archive and location for the research in all DesignLibrary branches around the world;

•  attend conferences & events;

•  attend design based courses and summer camps;

•  share knowledge and experiences between associated members;

•  present themselves through the global network during design events;

•  obtain worldwide contacts in between companies, institutions, students, architects and design professionals;


What do associated corporate members get from the network?

•  use DesignLibrary database over 50.000 international contacts;

•  use DesignLibrary location for company’s events and exhibitions;

•  obtain design research service for the specific needs of the company;

•  obtain worldwide contacts in Design field;

•  HR recruitment.

Kontaktai / Contacts:

DesignLibrary Kaunas office
+370 6717 3070


Benita Mincevičiūtė

Studentų st. 56–173
phone +370 (37) 353 666


CEntre personnel

Assoc. prof. dr. Rūta Valušytė

Head of Centre

Studentų st. 56-155, Kaunas
phone: +370 (37) 353 666


Name/Surname Position Address E-mail
Alessandro Biamonti
Professor Studentų st. 56

Associate professors

Vardas / Pavardė Pareigos Adresas Tel. Nr. El. p. adresas
Ingrida Balynaitė Associate professor Studentų st. 56–166 +370 (37) 353 666
Assoc. prof. dr. Kęstutis Lekeckas Associate professor Studentų st. 56–166 +370 (37) 353 666
Lorenzo Piazzi Associate professor Studentų st. 56
Assoc. prof. dr. Rūta Valušytė Associate professor Studentų st. 56–171 +370 (37) 353 666


Name/Surname Position Address Phone No. E-mail
Inga Audzevičiūtė – Liutkienė Lecturer Studentų st. 56–173 +370 (37) 353 666
Indraja Raudonikytė Lecturer Studentų st. 56–166 +37 08 (37) 353 666
Raimonda Štelmokienė Lecturer Studentų st. 56–166 +37 08 (37) 353 666


Name/Surname Position Address Phone No. E-mail
Benita Mincevičiūtė Administrator Studentų st. 56–173 +370 (37) 353 666
Eugenija Petrulytė  Technician Studentų st. 56–166 +370 (37) 353 666
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