Department of Transport Engineering

The academic employees of the Department of Transport Engineering carried out studies activities and research innovation activities in the fields of transport and aeronautics, mechanics, energy in transport, and the research and development of new materials for vehicles. The Department of Transport Engineering is the organizer of the annual international scientific conference “Transport Means”.

Field of research: Transport Engineering. Fields of study: Transport Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering.

Academic employees of Department Transport Engineering research activities carried out in Transport Engineering research group.

The R&D themes to be developed:

– Umanned Platforms (Sea, Air, Land)*

– Clean and Sustainable, Safe Transport*

– Sustainable Mobility Transport Systems

– Behaviour of Vechile Structures

– Defence Technologies

*- strategic R&D theme

Academic employees of the Department of Transport Engineering are science laureates:

– prof. habil. dr. Algimanras Fedaravičius was awarded by Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas in 2022.

– lecturer, PhD student Mindaugas Dagilis is the laureate of the 2022 Universities Students Research Works Competition organized by the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.

– assoc. prof. dr. Sigitas Kilikevičius with co-authors were awarded by the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences Kazimieras Simonavičius Nominal Prize in the field of Mechanical Science in 2021.

R&D&I works and services:

– dynamics and energy efficiency of alternative fuel vehicles, electric and hybrid vehicles, development of dynamic models and modelling;

– development and – modernization of alternative energy vehicles;

– application of third-generation algae-derived biofuels in internal combustion engines;

– development of models for mobility in the transport system, development of models for the interaction between the elements of the vehicle/driver/environment system;

– development and deployment of innovative engineering systems in transport/logistics processes;

 – development of intelligent transport systems/new mobility (unmanned) and communication technologies;

– based on ongoing research, problems in the development, research, and deployment of training missiles shall be solved;

– theoretical and experimental studies and computer modeling of the aerodynamic performance, internal and external ballistics of training missiles;

– on the basis of the research carried out, military training missile equipment is being developed for the training of soldiers serving in short- and medium-range air defense systems, as well as for the conduct of tactical exercises in range conditions;

– the missile training equipment allows for to reduce of the economic costs of training and tactical exercises, and increases the efficiency and safety of the training process;

– research into the design of support vehicles, in the areas of improving vehicle safety, reducing environmental impact, and saving energy;

– development and analysis of numerical models and computer programs to optimize vehicle load-bearing structures and movement parameters, assess environmental pollution, and improve vehicle reliability and comfort;

– development and deployment of internationally marketable advanced technologies and products that are resource-efficient and reduce environmental pollution and climate change.

Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania

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JSC AutofortasMotors

AB Lietuvos geležinkeliai

JSC Kauno autobusai

JSC Altas komercinis transportas

AB FL Technics

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The department cooperates with other schools of higher education:

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University;

Klaipeda University;

Lithuanian Energy Institute;

Vytautas Magnus University;

Ryga Technical University, Latvia;

Bialystok University of Technology, Poland;

Warsaw University of Technology, Poland;

Silesian University of Technology, Poland

Czech Technical University, Czech Republic

The Department of Transport Engineering provides the following study programmes:

First cycle university study programmes (Bachelor’s degree):

Vehicle Engineering

Aviation Engineering

Second cycle university study programs (Master’s degree):

Vehicle Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering

Third cycle university study programs (Doctor’s degree):

Transport Engineering (a joint doctoral degree program provided in cooperation with Vilnius Gediminas University of Technology, Vytautas Magnus University, and Klaipėda University.


Rasa Džiaugienė

Studentų st. 56-238, Kaunas
phone +370 (37) 300 176


Department's personnel

Assoc. prof. dr. Rolandas Makaras

Head of Department

Studentų st. 56, Kaunas
el. p.


Name/Surname Position Address Phone No. E-mail
Prof. dr. Artūras Keršys Professor Studentų st. 56–234 +370 612 03307
Prof. dr. Vaidas Lukoševičius Professor Studentų st. 56–235 
Prof. habil. dr. Algimantas Fedaravičius Professor Studentų g. 56–236 +370 699 55 231 algimantas.fedaravič

Associate professors

Name/Surname Position Address Phone No. E-mail
Assoc. prof. Vytautas Dzerkelis Associate professor Studentų st. 56–235
Assoc. prof. Saulius Japertas Associate professor Studentų st. 56–233 +370 685 25830
Assoc. prof. Darius Juodvalkis Associate professor Studentų st. 56–233
Assoc. prof. Robertas Keršys Associate professor Studentų st. 56–235
Assoc. prof. Sigitas Kilikevičius Associate professor Studentų st. 56–233
Assoc. prof. Rolandas Makaras Associate professor Studentų st. 56–237 +370 (37) 300176
Assoc. prof. Algis Pakalnis Associate professor Studentų st. 56–234
Assoc. prof. Ramūnas Skvireckas Associate professor Studentų st. 56–233
Kęstutis Grigaliūnas Associate professor Practitioner Studentų g. 56–232


Name/Surname Position Address E-mail
Lect. dr. Mantas Felneris Lector Studentų st. 56–234
Lect. dr. Janina Jablonskytė Lector Studentų st. 56–235
Lekt. Audrius Povilionis Lektorius Studentų g. 56–235
Lekt. Jonas Patašius Lektorius Studentų g. 56


Name/Surname Position Address Phone No. E-mail
Dr. Andrius Dargužis Lecturer Studentų st. 56–235
Dr. Virginija Daukantienė Project Senior Researcher Studentų st. 56
Habil. dr. Algimantas Fedaravičius
Project Chief Researcher
Studentų st. 56–236 +370 699 55 231
Doc. dr. Sigitas Kilikevičius
Project Senior Researcher
Studentų st. 56–232
Algirdas Laskys Lecturer Studentų st. 56–235
Dr. Kristina Liutkauskienė Project Junior Researcher Studentų st. 56
Dr. Kazimieras Petkevičius Lecturer Studentų st. 56
Dr. Laurencas Raslavičius
Chief Researcher
Studentų st. 56-236 +370 682 36 656
Andrius Rimkevičius Lecturer Studentų st. 56–232
Žilvinas Uldinskas Project Technician Studentų st. 56
Benas Urbelis
Studentų st. 56


Name/Surname Position Address E-mail
Saulė Kvietkaitė Assistant Studentų st. 56–232
Lendraitis Martynas Assistant Studentų st. 56–235


Name/Surname Position Address Phone No. E-mail
Rasa Džiaugienė Administrator Studentų st. 56–238 +370 (37) 300176
Lendraitis Martynas Academic assistant Studentų st. 56–235

Doctoral students