The largest in the Baltics career fair KTU WANTed Career Days will take place online

Important | 2020-09-29

The largest in the Baltics career fair, WANTed Career Days 2020 organised by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) will take place online this year. On Wednesday, October 14 the visitors will be invited to a six-hour-long direct broadcast of the Career Days, where the representatives of major companies, influencers and society figures will share their knowledge and expertise with the public.

The global pandemic made many event organisers revise their plans and look for new solutions. The team behind the WANTed Career Days 2020 is convinced – this experiment will stimulate both job seekers and potential employers to step out of their comfort zone and to and discover new ways of communication and career research.

“All the activities of the virtual event are organised in such a way that they would respond to the tendencies of the job market when both an employer and the employee have the same rights in the negotiation process. Both companies and the students will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and to get to know each other”, says Viktorija Radžienė, Head of the KTU Career and Development Centre.

Exclusive opportunity for the companies to introduce their values

Rimantė Sedziniauskienė, the project expert for cooperation with business at KTU is convinced that despite the complications of the current situation, the main challenge among the employers remains the same – the attraction of talents and the competition among the most talented candidates. According to her, the image and the reputation of the employer is the most important criteria when choosing a potential job place, especially among younger candidates.

“That’s why in this year’s event we are providing the opportunity for the companies to introduce their company’s culture, mission and activities to the potential employees in the direct broadcast”, says Sedziniauskienė.

During their presentation, the companies will invite the visitors of the event to virtually visit their potential job place. They will be able to share the most important aspects of their activities, to introduce their work culture and interesting facts. After the presentations, the students will be able to interact and to personally contact the representatives.

Rimantė Sedziniauskienė thinks that this opportunity is one of the main advantages of the new format, as the companies can present themselves in a personal way – this saves time for both potential employees and employers, who, in normal circumstances only after passing long selection process and several interviews discover that there is a clash between theirs and the company’s values.

Among the 13 companies, which will use the opportunity to virtually introduce themselves, are well-known names from Lithuania and global finance, banking, IT and other industries. KTU Wanted Career Days 2020 will feature the leaders of the job market: Rocket Software and TransUnion as the major partners, SEB Support Services Centre, Mars Lithuania, Lithuanian Electricity Transmission System Operator LITGRID, Centric IT Solutions Lithuania, Western Union, Hella Lithuania, Ignitis, Lithuanian Railways, Philip Morris Baltic, Pienas LT.

Aiming to provide the students with more opportunities to apply for a job or for an internship KTU opened up the specialised platform, where the students have the possibility to check for the vacancies available. The organisers of the KTU WANTed Career Days are encouraging the students to actively use the platform during the event.

Talk shows moderated by influencers

As in every year, KTU WANTed Career Days will host two events where the topics related to career will be explored by using the expertise of the industry and business figures.

“In this year’s Small Talks conference we will invite to bust the popular myths about establishing a business or choosing a career path. It’s hard for a woman to make a career, if you change jobs too often it will affect your career negatively, your colleagues are always ready to eat you alive – these and other myths are circling in our society. During the event, the representatives of well-known companies will attempt to bust, or, on the contrary, to confirm these myths”, says Sedziniauskienė.

Small Talks will be moderated by a famous TV personality, influencer Dovilė Filmanavičiūtė.

The highlight of the Career Days will be WANTed Talks forum featuring famous presenters, interesting and useful topics and discussions, relevant for the job seekers and the companies alike.

The topic of this year’s conference is living in a new reality. The keynote speaker is Andrius Tapinas, a famous journalist, broadcaster, initiator of many spontaneous massive happenings.

According to the organisers, although this year’s Career Days virtual format is a response to the reality altered by pandemics, some of the solutions may remain for future events.

The largest in the Baltics career contact fair KTU WANTed Career Days 2020 will take place online on Wednesday, October 14, 2020. For more information please visit