Team of KTU students took the 2nd place in the bridge building competition in Tallinn

Important | 2018-06-01

The team of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) students took the 2nd place and won Aesthetics and Construction Economy Awards in the international engineering competition BRICO2018. The students presented the innovative steel bridge designed and built entirely by themselves.

The team is led by Estonian Stewen Naano, who is studying mechatronics master’s at KTU. In order to participate in the competition Stewen has established a student club and secured funding from the international company Hollister Inc.

The bridge built by the KTU students weighs 60 kilograms. During the competition if was loaded with one tonne, to check the efficiency of the design and performance.

“We had only 3.5 months to build the actual structure, and had to do it all by ourselves. For me, the process of going through this: from design to optimisation, until building the bridge, the experience of this is actually what you are winning. This is more valuable than the price pool they offered in the competition”, says Stewen.