KTU student R. Andrijauskas on his studies in Denmark: the feeling of freedom is unreal, and the memories will last forever

Leisure | 2022-02-04

Rokas Andrijauskas, a student at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), is currently studying at the University of Southern Denmark using Erasmus+ opportunities. The student was eager to go to the land of cyclists inspired by the country’s high quality of life and the desire for new adventures.

Denmark is a member of the European Union, one of the ten happiest countries in the world, with the oldest national flag still in use. When asked why he chose to travel to Denmark, R. Andrijauskas, who studies in the Mechatronics study program, answered that he had not had many opportunities to travel so far, but he was always curious to see the world and experience cultural differences. “Like everyone, I received a message about the possibilities of Erasmus+, and I thought, why not give it a try? There are only two possible results – either I will succeed and have a great opportunity to get new impressions, or it will fail, and life will continue,” says the student. “I chose to travel to Denmark because the university has a high standard, and the country has been ranked high in the Quality-of-Life Index for many years in a row, so it was curious to see how Danes live and what they do differently.”

The issue of a global pandemic remains relevant for Erasmus+ participants. Due to the changing procedure of vaccinations and national certificates, many students doubt the safety of the travel. Yet R. Adrijauskas assures that the same pandemic management measures are in place in Denmark as in Lithuania: “The Danes lived without any restrictions until Christmas Day. While the situation is getting worse, I don’t see much difference because I own an EU COVID certificate.” For more information on the COVID-19 regime in Denmark, click HERE.

R. Andrijauskas’ studies within the exchange program will last one academic year, and the joy experienced during them is closely related to the friendliness of other exchange students. “All the exchange students I have had contact with are wonderful, positive, curious, and open-minded. These qualities are constantly passed on when being around such people,” says the KTU student.

When asked what advice would he give to a student/graduate planning to participate in the Erasmus+ program, R. Andrijauskas did not doubt – “don’t forget to study and don’t stay in your comfort zone.”

Wondering how to travel with Erasmus+? Contact the international relations coordinator of the faculty here: international.midf@ktu.lt