Virtual Technorama 2020 Innovation Fair: 50 innovations, numerous business companies and the latest innovation news

Important | 2020-09-23

This Friday, September 25, Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is inviting innovators and innovation enthusiasts to the Technorama Innovation Fair. The 19th Technorama is an innovation itself – moved from spring to autumn, it will take place online for the first time since 2001.

Technorama brings different innovators together: students, researchers and new technology enthusiasts. Over the past 19 years, the participants presented numerous inventions in different fields of science: from engineering devices, information technology, humanities and social sciences projects to food innovations, that had received considerable attention in recent years.

This year, about 50 innovations will be presented at Technorama. A competent board of business representatives, scientists and investors will evaluate each work individually. The best-rated innovations will be awarded; organisers expect up to 10 thousand visitors.

The main Technorama 2020 partner is the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, the Health Innovation Community (EIT Health). KTU together with Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) has been coordinating their activities since 2018. EIT Health has many partners in Europe and aims at addressing health challenges by gathering the greatest minds and using the growing potential of new technologies.

The innovation fair draws attention not only from those who want to demonstrate what innovations they created during the year but also from the companies who are interested in the subject and can contribute to the event with their expert knowledge, establishing prizes and by joining the jury.

The most innovative businesses in one place

Even though the date and form of Technorama changed, this did not stop innovative companies to join the event. Bentley Systems, Danske Bank, Centric IT Solutions Lithuania and game developers TutoTOONS have already put their name on the list of this year’s participants. It will be possible to visit their stands during the fair, to find out about their activities and also to learn about career opportunities there.

According to Paulius Samoška, the Head of Centric IT Solutions Lithuania, as an innovation-based company that creates future products and solutions, Centric is proud to contribute to the growth of future innovators. He notes that IT business has overcome challenges during the pandemic and moves towards future becoming more flexible and stronger.

“Technorama has demonstrated that the event can change its’ format to maintain the same high content value, so we have no doubt that we will see many inspiring works by inventors”, he says.

Director at Bentley Systems Girėnė Ščiukaitė for graduates and trainees’ programmes, says that the concept of Technorama is very close to the company’s policy.

“We are a company that started with innovation and is constantly looking for new ways to do what no one has done yet, to do better, more efficiently. That’s why we’re excited to be a part of Technorama, an event dedicated to invoicing”, says Ščiukaitė.

Prizes and a springboard to success

Game developers company TutoTOONS, who joined Technorama as participants 12 years ago, today are sponsors with an established prize of EUR 1,000.

Arvydas Burdulis, the technical manager of TutoTOONS, drawing on his team’s performance at Technorama, encourages this year’s innovators, saying that the competition could be a great springboard to success. Representatives of the company which creates content for an audience of more than 500 million, says that they expect to see interesting products at the fair – not only for the game industry but also for other areas of software solutions.

Technorama 2020 will start at 10 am on Friday, September 25 with “Let’s talk about… Innovation” conference. During the conference, the companies will talk about innovation development in different industries. The conference will be broadcasted live on YouTube.

Visit Technorama 2020 here.

For more information, please contact Vaida Morkūnaitė, +37069573507